You Don’t Have to Hurt! Take Control of Your Pain

At least once a week I hear things like “I hurt because I’m old”, “I hurt because of my physical job”, “I hurt because I play (insert sport here)”, “I hurt because I sit at a desk or drive a car all day”.   Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Most everyone suffers minor and sometimes major aches and pains from work, play, and life in general.  Overuse and small injuries from playing your favorite sports can cause painful trigger points, sitting all day at work often leads to neck, back, arm, and hand pain and tension headaches, as we age the years of overuse and postural problems can pile up causing pain and stiffness, and old injuries can come back to haunt us.

The real problem is that we accept pain as a trade-off for living, a punishment we must inevitably accept and maybe even wear as a badge of honor (we all know that person!).  It doesn’t have to be this way!   A likely culprit of your discomfort is tension in your muscles and connective tissues.   It doesn’t sound very menacing but plain old muscle tension can cause moderate to severe muscle and joint pain, sleeping problems, headaches, fatigue, and grumpiness.

The good news is that there are simple, non-pharmaceutical, and even pleasurable solutions!  Regular therapeutic massage, a bit of exercise, stretching, and some ergonomic tweaking can quickly get muscle tension and its symptoms under control.

The consequences for not taking control of your pain can be increased chance of injury, and more pain, sleeplessness, and grouchiness.  That’s no good for your or anyone around you.  You don’t have to live with the pain!  Take control and have a better life.

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