Services & Pricing


Monday and Tuesday:  1pm ~ 7pm

Wednesday: 11:30am ~ 2pm

Friday:  11:30am ~ 5:30pm

Each massage is tailored specifically for you for that day.  I will usually combine several techniques and styles of massage to meet your particular needs and goals.  The depth of most techniques can be adjusted to suit your tolerance.

If you are looking for relaxation Swedish Massage techniques increase circulation, reduce tension in muscles and connective tissue and soothe the nervous system for a deeply calming experience.

If you have pain due to stress, overuse, or injury techniques such as Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy effectively treat the source of your pain.

For serious athletes as well as weekend warriors Sports Massage techniques help keep your muscles and tissues healthy so they will work more efficiently and resist injury.

60 Minute Massage:  $70
One hour is perfect for a full body relaxation massage or deep specific work on problem areas.

90 Minute Massage:  $100
When one hour just isn’t enough!  For a deeper relaxation experience or to ensure you get a full body treatment and deep specific work on problem areas.