New Research Supports Massage For Neck Pain

Neck-Pain-ReliefChronic neck pain is, well, a pain in the neck.  It makes doing everything from working at the computer, to driving your car, to sleeping uncomfortable and sometimes downright impossible. It can cause trigger points and compensation patterns that cause headaches, back, and shoulder pain.  Neck pain can be caused by repetitive postures or movements like computer work or reading, traumatic injuries such as a car or bike accident, or other issues like degenerative disc disease.

A new bit of clinical research demonstrates that a 60 minute massage 2-3 times per week can significantly reduce chronic neck pain.  The study ran for 4 weeks with a follow up at 5 weeks.  This is the first study that has allowed 60 minutes for the sessions and included work on compensation areas and integration of the entire body.  This approach along with the frequency of treatment was much more successful than previous trials with shorter duration and focus only on the neck.  You can read the study here.

I have had great success with moderate neck pain by doing 60 minute treatments once per week for 3-4 weeks then beginning to decrease the frequency of treatments.  This also includes having the client note when pain begins to return and adjusting our scheduling to treat before that happens.  This study will likely change my strategy for clients with more significant pain and those who have had pain for a longer duration.

The obvious sticking point here for most people is cost.  Finding a way to manage chronic pain is priceless.  It will improve your quality of life, period.   Work, play, sleep, and family time will all be better.  To help out on the financial end I also offer a package of 5 massages for the price of 4, a savings of 20%.

If you have questions about how massage can help with your chronic neck pain feel free to call or email.