Thank you to all of my clients that have supported me with their kind words.

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“Ali is a very skilled technician/clinician—obviously knows the anatomy of the human body very well and can pinpoint and address the areas that need attention.  She is very professional in her approach and respects modesty boundaries to the utmost degree.  She is very intuitive to one’s physical and emotional state and always has a very calming air about her.  I never feel rushed or hurried—for the time I have booked with Ali it is all about me!”    ~Susan


“I have come to appreciate the way Ali listens to the body.  We conference before the session but it is almost not needed as areas I didn’t know were bothering me are found and addressed.  Also I appreciate the evolution of finding what works best for my body.  Recently we lowered the table and have gotten deeper in the massage.  This has been excellent!”  ~James


“I always feel so relaxed and I sleep much better after a massage.  Also my tight muscles respond to the massages and I’m able to walk, sit and move without pain.  The massages have helped me more than physical therapy”     ~Maribeth


“I have found Ali to be very professional and extremely knowledgeable about massage and how to work on specific physical problems.  I have noticed a marked improvement in the way I feel since I began seeing Ali for massages.  She was honest with me in that it would take more than a few visits to correct the problems I was having in the neck/shoulder area.  Also, since she and I share the same passion for whitewater kayaking, she knows the particular muscle groups affected and works the ‘kinks’ out.”      ~Allen