Client Satisfaction Survey Results

To celebrate my two year business anniversary I sent a survey to all of my clients to discover where I can improve my business as well as what I’m doing right.  I’m very grateful to those who participated and gave me feedback about their experience.  Here I will share the results of my survey and address many of the critiques clients had about my services and office environment.

Here’s what I learned about my clientele:

  • 50%  get a massage at least once per month and 30% at least every couple of months
  • 83% get massage to manage pain, 48% use it to manage stress, and 55% to do something nice for themselves (this was a ‘choose all that apply’ for you math whizzes)
  • A whopping 87% say that quality of treatment is the number one reason for choosing a therapist

Many clients had some really nice things to say about my service and I truly appreciate them letting me know what I’m doing well.  Here are the things people liked best about my massage:

  • My ability to find and treat problem areas 
  • Getting pain relief
  • Feeling deeply relaxed after the treatment
  • Liked that I did what was wanted and needed
  • Appreciated that I was quiet during the treatment if they didn’t want to talk
  • Long term clients appreciated the relationship we’ve built over the years

Now to address the critiques and concerns:

  • Not enough evening appointments available.  I understand that most work schedules require appointments later in the evenings. Mondays and Tuesdays are when I have the latest appointments available at 4:30 and 6pm.  I teach Wednesday evenings and cannot see clients unless I’m between terms.  I am changing my Thursday and Friday schedules beginning in May to include a 4:30 appointment.  These later appointments tend to fill quickly so the sooner you can schedule ahead the better chance you have of getting one.  If you have trouble finding a time that works for you please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you.
  • Pressure.  My goal during the massage is to use appropriate pressure to encourage muscles and tissues to relax.  I can feel these changes but don’t know how the pressure feels to you.  What is painful to one person may feel light as a feather to another.  Please let me know when it is too deep or not deep enough, I check in occasionally but appreciate your feedback during the treatment whenever it is needed.  Also many people confuse a deep massage with a hard massage.  Deep work can be subtle, it doesn’t need to be painful to be effective.
  • Techniques.  I do have favorite techniques I frequently use.  I have primarily studied Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish, neuromuscular and sports massage techniques.  If there’s something another therapist did that you enjoyed describe it to me, with your input I can make it happen.  If we’re focusing on a particular problem and can’t get around to a full body massage but there’s something you want to make sure gets attention (scalp, hands, feet, face, etc…) please let me know and I’ll work it into my treatment plan for that session.
  • More time to relax after the massage.  One of the perks of being my own boss is that I am able to schedule enough time between sessions for you to have a few minutes to relax on the table before getting dressed.  When I say ‘take your time’ at the end of the session I mean it!  Perhaps I’ll get an alarm to set for those who want to relax for a bit afterwards without feeling anxious about falling asleep.
  •  Lighting.  I have designed my room so that I have a lot of lighting options.  If you find the room to be too light or dark at any time please let me know and I will change it for you.
  • Music.  If you don’t care for the music I am playing let me know and I will find another CD for you.  I will be ordering some new music soon for more variety.  Feel free to bring your own CD along, I don’t mind!
  • Tipping.  Tips are always appreciated but never expected!  If you’re using a credit card new updates on my card reader allow you to tip or not completely anonymously.

 What I’ve learned most of all is that communication is the key to getting the massage you want.  A good therapist listens and responds to your needs knowing they change from session to session and maybe even during a single massage.  Don’t ever feel anxious about speaking up before, during, or after your treatment with me to make the experience better.  If we can’t make my massage work for you I would be happy to help you find a therapist that can meet your needs.

I will be working many of these into my FAQ page and have a direct link to it for new clients to read before their massage and will include a link to the survey for all new clients to take after their first session with me.