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Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, and other Pains in the Backside

There are mountains of annoyances that are virtual pains in the butt and no amount of massage, ice, or analgesics will make them go away (although massage may help with the stress of these pains).   Some people, however, have actual pain in the buttocks along with numbness, tingling and pain that can travel down the back of the leg and calf all the way to the foot.   These symptoms are typically tossed into the general classification of sciatica but there are a number of musculoskeletal problems that can cause these sensations.  Many people assume the problem is a bulging disc in the vertebrae of the low back but there are tight muscles, weak muscles, and trigger points that may cause the same problems.

The sciatic nerve is a combination of smaller nerves that arise from between the last two lumbar vertebrae (L4-5) and some that arise from the sacrum (S1-3).  Its function is to send sensory information from the buttocks, back of the thigh, calf, and foot to the brain and carry motor information from the brain to the muscles of these areas via the spinal cord.  When you feel your foot being tickled or you contract your hamstrings to flex your knee, the information is travelling through the sciatic nerve.

Causes and Treatment of Sciatic Nerve Problems: