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Preventing Sports and Exercise Injuries

Confession time:  I am a weekend warrior.  The last time I was in a gym Harry Potter’s voice hadn’t changed, when I am inspired to work out I’ll go for a week then quit for ten, and I run only when chased.  Still, I will go for a brisk bike ride for an hour in single digit weather, have a full weekend of boundary-pushing white water kayaking, and hike a trail that includes an 800-step staircase (down and back up).  All awesome feats for me but then I spend the next week with an achy low back, neck or both, crippling shin splints, or the inability to climb the measly three steps into my own house.  While I’m confessing:  I also sprained a hip while bowling.  My body has, without warning, decided it is no longer putting up with my crap and is refusing to bounce back to normal in a day or two like it used to.

Sound familiar?  If it doesn’t yet, give it a few years.  It’s January and many of us are in the throes of our New Year’s resolutions to work out more, play more, and be healthier all in the name of having fun, looking sexy in a bathing suit and aging gracefully.  However, if you get injured or are frequently in pain as a result of your new found resolve you’re unlikely to stick to your plan.

Whether you’ve been exercising or participating in a sport for years or are a newbie just getting started there are some basic things you can do before, during, and after activity to reduce your chances of getting injured or having pain that may keep you from your goals.