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Go Out and Play!

Spring is in the air and many of us are spending more time outside being active.  If you’re like me you may have been less active and more couch potato like through the winter months and now the warm weather is encouraging you to go ride your bike, take a hike, go for a paddle, run, rock climb, swim, or play your favorite sport with friends.  The more serious athletes among us most likely stayed in better shape during the cold months but are increasing training in preparation for marathons, triathlons, league sports and other competitions.

If you’ve been fairly inactive for a bit it’s easy to overdo it in your eagerness to get out, enjoy the weather and have some fun.  Your muscles aren’t yet conditioned for a lot activity making them fatigue more quickly, more prone to injury, and increasing your chances for delayed onset muscle soreness, that nasty ache you get a couple of days after a good run, bike, or workout.