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Anatomy Trains

In order to maintain my licensure for massage in Kentucky I am required to take at least 24 hours of continuing education classes every two years.  This insures that I am continually learning theory and techniques to grow my skills.

This weekend I took a class called Anatomy Trains.  Anatomy Trains are a way of looking at the continuous connections between muscles, bones, and even organs that allow forces to be distributed through the body for efficient movement, posture and stability.

Much of the connection and distribution of force relies on connective tissue.  Every organ, bone, nerve, blood vessel, and muscle is covered with a matrix of connective tissue fibers.  Muscles are completely inundated with these fibers separating muscle bellies, groups of muscle cells within the bellies, and even individual fibers.  This tissue becomes tendons that attach muscles to bone flowing then into the fibrous tissue that covers the bone itself.  It is completely continuous throughout the body forming a three dimensional web of fluid-filled support giving us form and allowing our organs and muscles to move with and around each other.